Rowman & Littlefield International, a new independent academic publisher in the disciplines of Philosophy, Politics & International Relations, Cultural Studies and Economics, has published recently the book Participatory Democracy in Southern Europe. Causes, Characteristics and Consequences, edited by Joan Font (senior researcher at the Institute for Advanced Social Sciences, IESA-CSIC), Donatella della Porta (professor of sociology at the European University Institute) and Yves Sintomer (professor of political science at Paris 8 University). This publication counts also on the contribution of other renowned scientists in the field of participation like Herbert Reiter (European University Institute) and Pau Alarcón (IESA-CSIC).

Authors analyze a wide range of innovative «participatory interventions that have been created or legitimized by central governments, providing original exploration of institutional democratic participatory mechanisms» across Spain, Italy and France. As editors assert, «citizen participation is a central component of democratic governance. As participatory schemes have grown in number and gained in social legitimacy over recent years, the research community has analyzed the virtues of participatory policies from several points of view, but usually giving focus to the most successful and well-known grass-roots cases». Nevertheless, this book examines specifically the participatory experiences promoted by institutions, using «quantitative and qualitative methods to compare why these cases of participatory mechanisms have emerged, how they function, and what cultural impact they’ve achieved. This allows highly original insights into why participatory mechanisms work in some places, but not others, and the sorts of choices that organizers of participatory processes have to consider when creating such policies».

You can find more information about this book here.

Participatory Democracy in Southern Europe

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