The Middle East Technical University (METU, Ankara, Turkey) will welcome the participants of the Fourth World Congress for Middle Eastern Studies – WOCMES-4 -, which will be held from 18th to 22nd August 2014.

In the words of the Turkish Social Sciences Association and the Middle East Technical University, this Congress «seeks to address questions, exchange and explore information on the Middle East in the broadest sense». Scholars, researchers, educators, students or professionals interested in studies on North Africa, Middle East, Muslim states of Central Asia as well as other regions of the world which are directly or indirectly affected by affairs in these areas, are invited to attend this interdisciplinary event in which experts from all branches of the humanities, social sciences and related disciplines will share and exchange research, experiences and ideas.

Thierry Desrues, tenured researcher belonging to the DEMOCRETS Research Group of the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA-CSIC) will participate at the WOCMES-4 by moderating the session 118 (Jeunesses, Changement Social et Politique(s) dans les Sociétés du Maghreb et du Monde Arabe III: Diversity des Expressions et des Localizations de Engagement des Jeunes dans le Monde Arabe. Demandes d’intégration, Participations et Contestations) and discussing the session 33 (Les Amazighes Dans la Tourmente des ‘Printemps Arabes’. Enjeux et Perspectives des Revendications Berbères en Afrique du Nord). He will also present the papers called Jeunes Ruraux du Maroc: la Question de la Diversité des Valeurs et des Stratégies de vie de Jeunes en Contexte de Contraintes Sociale, Economique et Ecologique (coauthored by Abderrahim Bentaïbi and Noureddine Bahriand) and Des Jeunes Maghreb ins Engages dans des Actions Collectives et le ‘Printemps Arabe’ (written together with Ana Velasco Arrant).

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