As in the preceding years, the Joint Research Centre (the European Commission’s in-house science service), publishes this Science and Policy Report, whose goal is to provide evidence-based scientific support to the European policy-making process.The ERAWATCH Country Reports analyse and assess in a structured manner the evolution of the national policy research and innovation in the perspective of the wider EU strategy and goals, with a particular focus on the performance of the national research and innovation (R&I) system, their broader policy mix and governance.

Ana Fernández-Zubieta, researcher at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies, has been in charge of the two last editions of the Spanish ERAWATCH Report. In the words of Fernández-Zubieta, regarding to the Spanish case «the combination of the lack of measures for addressing systematic failures of the research and development (R&D) system with the lack of measures for addressing the negative consequences of the crisis will probably exacerbate some of the long-term challenges of the R&D system». Furthermore, she points out that «the precarious situation of young and mobile excellent researchers diminishes the research base of the country and does not encourage future generations to enter into a research career». If you want to know more, download the complete report.

All ERAWATCH Annual Reports are available in the Platform on Research and Innovation policies and systems.

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