By the end of 2014 the article Where Are the Boundaries of Deliberation and Participation? A Transatlantic Debate was published in the Volume 10, Issue 2 of the Journal of Public Deliberation.

In this work, Pau Alarcón and Joan Font (both IESA-CSIC researchers) turn to recent empirical results to show the differences between participatory practices developed in Southern Europe and in the English-speaking world. The authors adduce that in the first case these initiatives are conducted by public institutions (contrary to bottom-up participation carried out in the Anglosphere). Moreover, the content differs substantially: urban planning, environmental issues, economic development and social welfare are recurring issues in Southern European participatory processes, while those concerning equality are quite marginal. As Alarcón and Font conclude, «in other aspects, like the role of participation professionals or the existence of important inequalities in the participation of different groups of citizens, the experiences developed in this area are not as different from what most of the comparative research has shown».

If you want to go in detail about academic participatory works, the Journal of Public Deliberation offers open access to all its articles.

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