What's the IESA?

Institute for Advanced Social Studies

“A social research  institute dedicatedto the rigorous study  of the social  structure and  processes of change in  contemporary  societies” 

The IESA is a public scientific research institute working in the field of social sciences. Since its creation in 1992, the IESA has engaged in both basic and applied social research to advance knowledge of the processes of change in contemporary societies and the fundamental characteristics of the social structure using the most relevant theoretical perspectives and comparative analysis.

The IESA carries out its scientific activities under competitive calls for regional, national and European research projects. The IESA also has agreements and contracts with public and private entities to perform studies on the socioeconomic reality of its surrounding environment.

The IESA is also dedicated to training researchers in the field of social sciences through the direction of doctoral and master’s theses in collaboration with national and foreign universities

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Training and employment


Access to the different calls for CSIC job openings: public job offers, calls for government employees, recruitment of researchers, etc.

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Social Research


As set out in its Strategic Plan 2010-2013, the main objective of the IESA is to promote and contribute to the advancement of knowledge through the study of the relationship between politics and society from the perspective of social change, social problems and public policy.

The IESA attains its objectives through both basic and applied research on Spanish and European society using the most appropriate theoretical approaches and comparative analysis.


A hundred professionals


To fulfil its objectives, the IESA organizes its research activity around “Relations between politics and society: Social change, social problems and public policy”.

The Applied Studies Technical Unit (UTEA) is responsible for providing supporting for the IESA’s scientific activity. Similarly, the General Services and Administrative Unit (USGA) is responsible for managing the institute’s internal activities and its outreach and communication actions. This is made possible thanks to the work of some one hundred professionals.

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The origins of the IESA


The IESA began its activity in Andalusia, Spain, in 1992 as a research institute belonging to the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC).

In 1995, the IESA became a joint research centre under an agreement signed between the CSIC and the Regional Autonomous Government of Andalusia.

The head offices of the IESA are housed in the 16th-century Salus Infirmorum building located at 7 Plaza Campo Santo de los Mártires in Cordoba, Spain.

Since its creation, the IESA has grown into a leading research institute in Spanish sociology.