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Effects of gender and age on retrospective time judgements (2007)

envejecimiento, transcurrir, género, retrospectiva

This study provides additional empirical evidence for research concerning the effects of gender and age on retrospective time judgements using data obtained from a Spanish database with more than 40,000 individual observations on time estimations. Statistical analyses were performed using the Levene F-test and the t-test of variances and means, respectively. The most important results of the study are as follows: (a) differences in time estimation in relation to gender largely depend on the age groups analysed, with greater differences observed in the younger age group; and (b) although there are some differences regarding age, they are related to certain age groups, particularly the youngest age group.




Brañas Garza, P.; Espinosa Fernández, L. y Serrano del Rosal, R.


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Time and Society


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Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, Germany