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Economic Crisis and Anti-Immigrant Sentiment: The Case of Andalusia (2016)

Attitudes, Economic Crisis, Immigration, Unemployment, Prejudice, Intergroup Relations, Xenophobia

This paper provides three interrelated reasons not to confound perceptions of economic group-threat with hostility toward people of foreign origin. Firstly, I argue that expansive notions of prejudice impede analyzing attitudes toward immigration and immigrants with sufficient precision. Secondly, the recent evolution in the Southern Spanish region
of Andalusia illustrates divergent trajectories: anti-immigrant sentiment remained subdued despite surging unemployment and perceived conflict-of-interest. Thirdly, various factors are found to contain antiimmigrant
sentiment amidst inauspicious economic circumstances and regardless of perceived group-competition. The study shows that attitudes towards immigrants hinge on a complex array of predispositions and perceptions, rather than economic facts and interests per se.




Rinken, S.


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Revista Española de Investigaciones Sociológicas


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Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS)



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