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Dissatisfaction with residency: a discrepancy between preferences and expectations? (2012)

preferences, expectations, medical resident

Background: Medical residents play two roles that enter into conflict during their educational period: trainees and workers. This dual role can lead to dissatisfaction among residents that can affect both the quality of the services they provide to citizens and the proper functioning of the health services model itself.

Aim: To analyse discrepancies between the preferences and expectations of first-year medical residents and whether these differences affect satisfaction with the residency.

Method: A questionnaire was administered on-line to the entire population of first-year medical residents of the Autonomous Community of Andalusia (Spain) in 2008. We performed a means contrast test between the indicator discrepancy (difference between preferences and expectations during the residency as a training or a working period), overall satisfaction with the residency and their relationship to other expectations of medical residents.

Results: Respondents showing greater discrepancy have a more negative opinion about the residency.

Conclusion: There is a gap between what residents prefer and what they expect from the residency, giving rise to dissatisfaction. This gap must be bridged to improve the quality of training received by these new physicians, their satisfaction and hence the delivery of health services to citizens.




Biedma Velázquez, L.; Serrano del Rosal, R., García de Diego, J.M. y Cerrillo Vidal, J.A.


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