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Factors determining citizens' attitudes towards agri-environmental property rights (2008)

agri-environmental policy, property rights, environmental implications, institutional economics, citizen’s attitudes

The purpose of this paper is to contribute further insights into individuals’ agri-environmental attitudes. In particular, the empirical analysis focuses on how citizens think agri-environmental property rights should be assigned. This has been done by surveying howindividuals consider the environmental policy should promote the implementation of a group of agri-environmental measures, allowing us to examine the determinants of individuals’ opinions about this matter. Results indicate that higher level of income and education support the implementation of obligatory agri-environmentalmeasures with no financial support (property rights should rest on society) except for measures to improve public access to land for leisure activities and ecological farming which are seen more of the voluntary kind (property rights should rest on farmers). Additionally, rural residency has strong significant effect on agri-environmental attitudes as rural residents are more likely to support the implementation of voluntary (with/without financial support) agri-environmental measures. On the whole, this research proves to be a valuable tool to identify factors determining individuals’ attitudes towards agri-environmental property rights which can certainly help policymakers to provide customized, better response to social demands on this matter.




Vera-Toscano, E.; Gómez-Limón, J. A.; Moyano E. y Garrido, F.


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Environmental and Resource Economics


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Springer Netherlands



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