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A theoretical and methodological approach to the study of water culture (2008)

water, sociology, agricultural irrigations

In spite of the particular perception that people may have about water use, from a theoretical standpoint water can be conceived of as a public good given that it fulfils two criteria: a) water is supplied to all consumers and no one can be excluded from using it; and b) what one person consumes under normal conditions of supply reduces the possibilities of another using it. The results of a survey conducted by the IESA-CSIC (2000) of people in Andalusia are presented in order to shed further light on the above analytical . The survey has shown that Andalusians are concerned about the problem of water in their region, but that they perceive the problem as being more serious than the actual effects it has on the population. In other words, water is perceived as being a problem in Andalusia, but people do not actually experience the problem at the local or household level.




Lafuente, R. y Moyano, E.


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Options Mediterranéennes, Serie A, nº 83, pp. 69-75. CIHEAM, París. ISSN: 1016-121X


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International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies - CIHEAM



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