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What drives researchers' careers? The role of international mobility, gender and family

movilidad internacional, carrera investigadora, género, familia

International mobility has become increasingly common in the research profession, partly due to strong policy support. To understand this trend, it is necessary to explore how researchers plan and envisage their career, that is, what drives their decisions. In this exploratory paper we shed light on this issue, comparing career drivers across ...

Surveying Ethnic Minorities and Immigrant Populations. Methodological Challenges and Research Strategies

encuestas, inmigración, metodología

What are the special problems involved in surveying immigrant populations and ethnic minorities? How can we ensure adequate representation of these growing groups in general population surveys? This book is the first to address these challenges in a systematic way. Experiences from eight Western countries, involving more than a dozen surveys, ...

The Struggle for the voice: tensions between associations and citizens in participatory budgeting

democracy, associations, participation, participatory budgeting

The emergence of new participatory mechanisms, such as participatory budgeting, in towns and cities in recent years, has given rise to a conflict between the old protagonists of local participation and the new citizens invited to participate. These mechanisms offer a logic of collective action different to what has been the usual fare in the ...

Effects of University Programs for Older Adults: Changes in Cultural and Group Stereotype, Self-Perception of Aging, and Emotional Balance

ancianos, estereotipo, autopercepción, emoción

University Programs for Older Adults (Programas Universitarios para Adultos Mayores or PUMAs) have been developed throughout the world as an outcome of two worldwide policies: Life Long Learning (LLL) and Active Aging as a priority direction (UN, 2002). According to these policies, older persons should become full participants in the development ...

The semantic network of aging well

semantic network, definitions aging well, outcomes and predictors

Active aging promotion: results from the vital aging program

active aging, promotion active aging, educational interventions

Actitudes y valores de los residentes de medicina de familia y comunitaria: un modelo sanitario adaptado a los nuevos tiempos

programa de formación, medicina de familia y comunitaria, socialización, modelo sanitario

Objetivo: Analizar la visión que tienen de su formación y práctica profesional los médicos internos residentes (MIR) que han elegido la especialidad de medicina de familia y comunitaria (MFC) frente al resto de residentes de otras especialidades, para ver las diferencias entre ambos y sus implicaciones para el sistema. Material y métodos: ...

Health: The main ally for suport of the anti-tobacco law in Spain

Políticas de salud, control del tabaco, opinión pública, España

Whose impartiality? An experimental study of veiled stakeholders, involved spectators and detached observers

impartiality, veil of ignorance, third-party observer, distributive justice

We present an experiment designed to investigate three different mechanisms to achieve impartiality in distributive justice. We consider a first-person procedure, inspired by the Rawlsian veil of ignorance, and two third-party procedures, an involved spectator and a detached observer. First-person veiled stakeholders and involved spectators are ...

Dying with meaning: Social identity and cultural scripts for a good death in Spain

suicidio asistido, modelos culturales, eutanasia, identidad reflexiva, España

In this article authors examine, through six focus groups, the various arguments put forth by social actors to defend or reject the right to choose how to die, including palliative sedation, euthanasia and even assisted suicide. This qualitative technique allows them to establish the relative weight of traditional, modern and neo-modern models of ...

Perceived Health, Physical Activity and Sport among the Elderly of Spain

percepción de salud, actividad física, deporte, mayores

Purpose: It determines if participating in sports and/or physical activity influences perceived health among the elderly. Basic procedures: Data were drawn from a population subsample of subjects aged 65 - 79 years old that took part in a survey conducted in 2008 by the IESA-CSIC. A regression model was performed with perceived health status ...

ERAWATCH Country Report 2012: Spain

R&D, Innovation, Spain

This analytical country report is one of a series of annual ERAWATCH reports produced for EU Member States and Countries Associated to the Seventh Framework Programme for Research of the European Union (FP7). ERAWATCH is a joint initiative of the European Commission's Directorate General for Research and Innovation and Joint Research Centre.The ...

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TRAMAS - Territorio, Ruralidad, Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Sostenibilidad

El área temática de investigación TRAMAS (Territorios, Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y ...

Sociolología de la innovación

El grupo de investigación en Sociología de la Innovación estudia las condiciones sociales que ...

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Identidad social, bienestar subjetivo y comportamiento (IBC)

Este grupo de investigación acumula una larga experiencia en varios campos relacionados entre sí. ...