Publicaciones del IESA

Naturalists: Hail local fieldwork, not just global models.

naturalists, hail, local, fieldwork, global, models

Disease-mediated bottom-up regulation: An emergent virus affects a keystone prey, and alters the dynamics of trophic webs.

disease-mediated, bottom-up, regulation, emergent, virus, affects, keystone, prey, dynamics, trophic, web

‘Brexit’ e integración europea.

brexit, integración, europea

La agricultura en un nuevo marco de interacción rural/urbana.

agricultura, marco, interacción, rural/urbana, rural, urbana

separacion separacion
Optimization and accuracy of faecal pellet count estimates of population size: the case of European rabbits in extensive breeding nuclei.

Optimization, accuracy, faecal, pellet, estimates, population, rabbits, european, extensive, population, size ,case, extensive, breeding, nuclei

Functional responses to changes in rabbit abundance: is the eagle owl a generalist or a specialist predator?

functional, responses, changes, rabbit, abundance, eagle, owl, genralist, specialist, predator

Tolerating the Intolerant: Homophily, Intolerance and Segregation in Social Balanced Networks

redes sociales, dinámicas soiales, segregación, homofilio, intolerancia

We model a community of individuals whose relationships are governed by the rules of the so-called Heider Balance Theory, but modified to address the impact of tolerating intolerant individuals. To consider tolerance towards a different group, the elements are assigned one of two flags, A or B, and the elements of each group can be tolerant or ...

Sociology of Labour Pain

pain sociology, epidural anaesthesia, motherhood, identity Sociología del Dolor, Anestesia Epidural, Maternidad, Identidad

When we talk about the “meaning of pain,” we can do so from two main fields. First of all, the biological meaning of pain may be referred to. Second, we can talk about the function or “social meaning” of pain.

SiSOB Data Extraction and Codification: A Tool to Analyse Scientific Careers

Researchers, mobility

This paper describes the methodology and software tool used to build a database on the careers and productivity of academics, using public information available on the Internet, and provides a first analysis of the data collected for a sample of 360 US scientists funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and 291 UK scientists funded by the ...

Researchers’ mobility and its impact on scientific productivity

researchers mobility, scientific productivity

This article analyses the impact of mobility on researchers’ performance. We develop a theoretical framework based on the job-matching approach and the idea that research productivity is driven by the availability of capital equipment (and human capital) for research, and peer effects. The empirical analysis studies the careers of a sample of ...

Líneas de investigación

Estas son las seis áreas que abarcan la totalidad de las investigaciones del IESA:

TRAMAS - Territorio, Ruralidad, Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y Sostenibilidad

El área temática de investigación TRAMAS (Territorios, Agricultura, Medio Ambiente y ...

Sociolología de la innovación

El grupo de investigación en Sociología de la Innovación estudia las condiciones sociales que ...

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Identidad social, bienestar subjetivo y comportamiento (IBC)

Este grupo de investigación acumula una larga experiencia en varios campos relacionados entre sí. ...