Ángel Ramírez Troyano

USGA – General Services and Administration Unit

Sociologist and Scientific Disseminator

Ángel Ramírez Troyano is a graduate in Political Science and Sociology. He is a research technician at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies – National Research Council (IESA-CSIC) and has worked along different lines of investigation (environment, rural sociology, culture), principally using qualitative research techniques. In recent years he has carried analyses of cultural projects and frequent collaborations with media (for example, ctxt and El Diario de Andalucía). He is currently in charge of scientific dissemination at IESA-CSIC.

In parallel, or perhaps diagonally, he is interested in contemporary art, particularly public art and in the creative representation of scientific data. Currently, he is member of the Technical Commission of the Rafael Boti Visual Arts Foundation at Córdoba Provincial Council.

    To contact this person, call 957240016