Lourdes Biedma Velázquez

Lourdes Biedma works as a research technician at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies / Spanish National Research Council (IESA/CSIC). She is a graduate in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Granada, specialising in Sociology. She also holds a specialist university degree in Advanced Applied Statistics (2006) and in Design and Statistical Processing of Market Research and Opinion Surveys (2001) from the National Distance Education University (UNED). She has also completed training courses in, amongst others, multivariate analysis (Spanish Statistical Institute – INE), multilevel analysis (University of Salamanca), and qualitative investigation (IESA/CSIC).

Before joining IESA she worked in social investigation in the field of local development, and has also delivered training on subjects such as methodology and social research, and design and development of social projects.

She has worked at IESA since 2003 on a diverse range of projects within the scope of sociology of health and evaluation of public policy, where she coordinated the project “Opinion and User Satisfaction Level for Services Provided by the Andalusian Health Service” for several years. She has also participated in a number of other projects related to the evaluation of public policy.

In 2009, she became a Civil Servant serving under the Senior RDI Technician Professional Corps.

Her research interests and specialisms are welfare policy, sociology of health and social research techniques. During the last few years she has also pursued an interest in studying pain from different perspectives, principally the social perception of pain, within the field of Social Identity, Subjective Welfare and Human Behaviour, where she is currently involved in a project on the social legitimacy of pain.

She had published articles and books nationally and internationally.

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