Mª Carmen Rodríguez Sacristán

USGA – General Services and Administration Unit

The Editing Service is responsible for typesetting, design, printing and pre-press. Mª Carmen Rodríguez Sacristán is a Specialist Technician (administrative branch) and has completed the first year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts and Design in Advertising Graphics. She has complemented her training with many courses on design, pre-press, scientific publications and publishing production.

She worked at the University of Córdoba between 1990-1993 on the design and typesetting of the “Archivos de Zootecnia” journal. She has been at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies / Spanish National Research Council (IESA/CSIC) since 1994 working on the design of the Revista Internacional de Sociología (journal), books published under CSIC’s collection POLITEYA, the Institute’s own publications, as well as books of the National Institute of Educational Technology (INET).

She prepares advertising and publicity material for seminars, conferences and workshops at IESA, as well as press communication and announcements. Exchange of advertising with other journals.

    To contact this person, call 957760532