Mari Carmen Abril

DEMOCRETS – Governance, collective action and political participation: challenges of contemporary democracy

Mari Carmen has a Degree in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Granada and is an expert in research surveys.

From 2001 to 2013, Mari Carmen worked in the codification and quality control of surveys of the Technical Unit of Applied Studies at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies – Spanish National Research Council.

She has worked on Cordoba Council’s research projects “Visión de los/as ciudadanos/as sobre los Centros Cívicos Municipales” (Citizens’ vision of Civic Centres) and “Mapa Infantil de Córdoba: técnicas de mapeo colaborativo” (Infants’ Map of Cordoba: collaborative mapping techniques).

She collaborated with Fundacion R.A.I.S. (Network for socio-occupational integration) on a study about the Social Emergency Shelter in Cordoba (Casa de Acogida y Emergencia Social de Córdoba).

She is currently involved in the project “Consultative Advice in Andalusia: characterisation, operation and proposals” at IESA-CSIC.