Regina Lafuente Fernández

UTEA – Technical Unit of Applied Studies

I graduated in Political Science and Sociology from the University of Granada and am a Specialist in Social Research and Data Analysis from the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS, in its Spanish acronym). My professional trajectory has been closely linked to the Institute for Advanced Social Studies – Spanish National Research Council (IESA-CSIC) since 2004 and for the last three years I have been working at the Technical Unit of Applied Studies which has allowed me to deepen my practice of design and application of new research techniques, for example probability-based panels or mixed mode survey administration; this complements my significant experience in participative techniques such as deliberative polling and citizens’ juries.

My research interests also feature the analysis of public opinion on environmental problems and conflicts, as well as their management through public policies. In particular, the PhD thesis which I am in the process of writing and my latest publications all centre on the explanation of Andalusian citizens’ preferences regarding new water management models.

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