Iesa Jardines

Institute for Advanced Social Studies

The Institute of Advanced Social Studies (IESA) is the Spanish Research Council’s (CSIC) research institute for social sciences. It combines scientific excellence and a firm commitment to improving social reality. This dual concern is mirrored in the lines of work developed by our research groups and in our long history of collaborations with local, regional and national public administrations in matters of evaluation and optimisation of public policies.

IESA is committed to the on-going innovation of its work methodology, substantive guidance of its research, and the profile of its audience, always with a view to maximising both the strictly scientific impact and the widest social impact of the knowledge generated. The agricultural sector, sustainability, political participation, innovation policies, and social perspectives on health are the areas in which we strive to fulfil our dual objective.



Challenges of contemporary democracy

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Social identity,
subjective well-being and behavior

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of innovation


Territory, rurality, agriculture, environment and sustainability

Technical Unit
of Applied

The Technical Unit of Applied Studies (UTEA) is a specialised service in the field of social science methodology. The Unit is involved in the design and execution of applied research projects and collaborates with the Institute’s scientific staff by providing technical and methodological support and data production and analysis using qualitative and quantitative techniques.

Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades
Fondo Desarrollo Europeo
Instituto de Estudios Sociales Avanzados