TRAMAS – Territory, rurality, agriculture, environment environment and sustainability

The research interests of the Territory, Rurality, Agriculture, Environment and Sustainability group (TRAMAS, in its Spanish acronym) take an integrated approach to the principal processes of change affecting development and social and economic cohesion of rural and urban areas in contemporary societies. These questions are approached through three different, although interlocking, primary thematic blocks, namely:

Rural transformation dynamics in which local processes of local or global nature intervene. Of particular significance here are new rural-urban configurations, the importance of social capital in regional development, new actors (political, economic and social) and interests relating to rural areas or emerging uses of rural spaces.

The role of agriculture in the development of rural spaces, a line of work which focuses on changes taking place in the agriculture sector and their integration in society, as well as their role in regional development policies.

Nature, landscape and environment. In this thematic block, the interests of the group centre on investigating new environmental values, the productive and leisure uses of the land and its resources (water and green spaces, amongst others), and conflicts of interest that arise from their use, or society’s part in the protection of species.