• Rafael Serrano

    23 May
    Rafael Serrano del Rosal

    Rafael Serrano-del-Rosal is Full Professor at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies – Spanish National Research Council and Doctor of Political Science and Sociology (University of Granada, 1999). In 2017, he took over as Director of the Institute for Advanced Social Studies where he also heads one of the research groups – Social Identity, Subjective Welfare and Behaviour (IBC). At…

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  • Grupo IBC

    21 May
    IBC – Social identity, subjective well-being and human behaviour

    The research group boasts extensive experience in several interrelated fields. On the one hand, its research has traditionally focused on the creation and analysis of satisfaction indicators of health and health systems, as well as analysing the components of quality of life in its various stages. In recent years this background in health sociology has been used in studies on…

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