Juan Antonio Domínguez

  • UTEA – Technical Unit of Applied Studies

    Graduated in Market Research and Techniques and graduated in Statistics from the University of Seville.

    He has been developing his professional work since 2003 as a statistical technician giving technical support to field work in research through surveys.

    Among the tasks that he has developed at IESA/CSIC, the following stand out:

    • Application programming for social research
    • Database administration
    • Quantitative data analysis
    • Implementation of sampling techniques
    • Development of digital questionnaires
    • Admin mixed modes integration. of surveys
    • Creation and administration of survey panels

    Together with his colleagues from the UTEA, he participated in the design and implementation of one of the first probabilistic panels in Spain, the Citizen Panel for Social Research in Andalusia (PACIS).

    Together with Sara Pasadas del Amo (IESA/CSIC) and Vidal Díaz de Rada (University of Navarra), he is the author of the methodological manual published by the Centro de Investigaciones Sociológicas (CIS) “Internet como modo de administración de encuestas “.

    His current work at IESA / CSIC focuses on all aspects and research of the Internet as a way of administering surveys to representative samples of the population.

      To contact this person, call 957760535