DEMOCRETS – Governance, collective action and political participation: challenges of contemporary democracy

The members of the DEMOCRETS group form part of the SOCIETY area of investigation at the National Research Council (CSIC). We follow three main lines of work:

The renewal and quality of democratic institutions, with particular emphasis on the ways that citizens intervene in public affairs (from the most traditional instruments, such as surveys or sectoral councils, to deliberative tools part of what we nowadays refer to as democratic innovations).

Governance strategies centred on immigration, with special emphasis on their relationship with citizens’ opinions and attitudes towards immigration matters, as well as changes and determining factors thereof.

Analysis of political regimes, associative culture, social change and a response to North African countries, with particular focus on processes of institutional hybridisation in matters of political representation and collective action for the defence of rights, freedoms and identities (women, young people, Amazigh and Islamic people).

These lines are reflected in our multidisciplinary and multinational research projects through which we look to conquer new frontiers with innovative methodologies whose results are published in prestigious scientific journals and debated in international events. We firmly believe in the importance of excellence in training young pre and post-doctoral researchers. We are highly aware of our social responsibility and regularly collaborate with media, public administration and civil society.