Upward Descending

Marta Alarcón Rosero

The IT Services Department is in charge of the development, maintenance, management and control of the Institute for Advanced Social Studies information technology and communication resources (data and telephone), as …

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Francisco Aranda Villarreal

Budgeting and accounts. Income and expenditure. Treasury management, cash flow, bank reconciliation, electronic banking, etc. Payments. Internal accounts. Processing of allowances and travel expenses. Asset inventory. Internal charges.

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Lourdes Biedma Velázquez

Lourdes Biedma works as a research technician at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies / Spanish National Research Council (IESA/CSIC). She is a graduate in Political Science and Sociology from …

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Aníbal Bravo Nacarino

Aníbal has a degree in Administration and Business Management from Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid. He is part of the Technical Auditing and Accounting Unit of the General State Administration. …

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Miguel Delibes Mateos

Miguel Delibes Mateos is Senior Researcher at the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) at the Institute for Advanced Social Studies (IESA). He has previously worked at and undertaken research visits …

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Thierry Desrues

IESA-CSIC's Tenured Scientist, I study the political regimes, protests, civil society organizations and the roles of young people and women in these areas in the Maghreb countries.

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