Rodrigo Ramis Moyano

  • DEMOCRETS – Governance, collective action and political participation: challenges of contemporary democracy

    Rodrigo Ramis Moyano is, since November 2020, IESA-CSIC FPU predoctoral researcher in collaboration with the Universidad de Córdoba. Graduated in Sociology from the Universidad de Alicante (Extraordinary Prize and Award for Academic Performance) and Master’s Degree in Research Methodology in Social Sciences: Innovations and Applications from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

    In 2019, after obtaining the JAEIntro research introductory grant, he began to collaborate with the DEMOCRETS group, participating in the project “Associative democracy: responsible autonomy, participatory bias or vicious circle?” (AssoDem). Previously, he had been a collaboration fellow in the Departamento de Sociología II of the Universidad de Alicante and he had participated in projects of visibility and awareness about the culture of the Gypsy people together with the Departamento de Humanidades Contemporáneas of the Universidad de Alicante.

    He is currently collaborating with the DEMOCRETS group in different projects funded in competitive calls while he develops his doctoral thesis in the field of citizen participation, with special attention to the functioning and quality of the participatory institutions. His interests lie in the fields of research methodology, political sociology, and economic sociology.